Friday, April 23, 2010

Call it a poem or prose- just don't call it crap :-)

Sitting on our Balcony

My wife and I live in a small one bedroom apartment.
It sits on the back side of a complex which is butted right up next to a ritzy neighborhood (We both find this rather fitting-always good to remind them of what the world is really like)
We have “neighbors” that we can see from our apartment (they're nice people, we never talk).
The apartment is on the 2nd floor, but strangely we’re eye level to their house (sometimes this is uncomfortable, like when we're having sex in the living room).
We go outside to smoke on our balcony.
Our cat likes to sit outside as well (although she doesn’t smoke)
So being on the 2nd floor works for that too (because she's a house cat, not an outside cat).
I was there just now, enjoying the spring weather; the cat next to me doing her cat thing.
We were both watching the birds that like to sit in the trees of our neighbor’s yard.
I think we were doing this for different reasons.
For me-
I was waiting on inspiration, something to write, something to say. I’ve got a message.
As for the cat-
well I’m pretty sure she was just thinking about eating one of those birds.
Makes you think that you’d rather be a cat. Doesn’t it?

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