Friday, April 23, 2010

7:10, coffee, the draft, and my cat

Well it's 7:10 and here I sit, drinking my coffee just coming back in from a smoke. There's nothing like the taste of coffee and a cigarette. All you non-smokers can say what you like, but when you took away the ability for me to enjoy a smoke during my coffee at breakfast you really pissed me off.
I get the whole health thing and I'm sorry for my second hand smoke...I really am, but crap man! Give us something- give us a tiny room with a huge vent stuck on top that's hermatically sealed at all points..there only has to be two tables in the room too (least we offend anyone for taking up too much space)...I DON'T CARE, I'll wait in line for an hour just so I can go, sit down, order a cup of joe, read my paper, and smoke my ****ing cigarette! (I did warn everyone on my first post that I have a propencity for ranting..right?)
You know the funny thing about that little diatribe is that neither my wife or I like to smoke in the house!! Can't stand the smell, so we smoke outside-even during the winter. We'll get all bundled up, throwing our coats on, hats, scarves, gloves..step outside and puff one down in 5 minutes and then go back into the house.
So big news of the day- THE NFL DRAFT..My Steelers take a center in the first round..God love the Steelers and The Rooneys! I was worried all day they'd trade Big Ben for some ridiculous value (Santonio Holmes calling...anyone there..oh it's you 5th round draft pick!) but thankfully logic prevailed. I'm not a fan of Ben off the field, let me just say that, but the dude can play football and he's won us TWO superbowls so I'm thinking- slap him around a bit, scare the crap out of him, and then make him tow the line. Which should work. Now that'll probably be the last time I mention sports in this little blog of mine except when the Steelers win, or when Marco Andretti wins the Indy 500..after that..I swear to all you that are faithful I won't write about such mundane topics.
Some how I think that's an excellent segway into my observations about my cat this fine morning:

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