Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy a way

It's been seven days since my last post. I've been busy with my writing, getting some entries into a competition, and working on what to do next. I find the writing isn't the hardest thing (although sometimes it's tough). No the hardest thing to me is trying to decide what venue to I approach? Contests are fine, but eventually the entry fees will kill me, magazines sound good, but the more I research the more I think that gone are the days of just sending in your work to any magazine out there and getting it printed. I've read article after article about querry letters, cover letters, how to find a publisher etc...and frankly I'm lost.
When I first approached this idea of being a writer my youthful mind kicked in and I wanted to just jump in feet first, screw the job, the screw the bills, and just go for it. That was three years ago. Apparently my no longer youthful brain prevailed and instead I spent those years working in a my soul and heart to THE MAN.
A month ago I chucked it all. Blew up, fought to the end for the people I believed in and got canned for it. My wife says; "then you should go for it. It's what you want to do anyway." (Gotta love my wife) So I decided to shoot for it...youthful spirit in hand.
A month in, I approach the pool of my life with tepidation. Dipping my toes in and shivering because the water seems to be too cold. Long gone are my days of just jumping in head first I think. My timidness is going to kick my ass I think and for that I'm affraid.
Anyway, today marks the 30th day of my termination. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to me I guess. Catch all you on the flip side.

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