Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Corporate Amerika

I'm feeling very socialistic today people. I can't help it. For the longest time I thought it would be the coolest thing to work in some large corporation. An annoynmous soul in a cubicle...that was the dream. What the hell was I thinking? I just got done with a three and a half year stint in such a world. It's been almost a month since I left (or was asked to leave) and I still seeth in the brain. THREE AND A HALF YEARS of watching my supposed "non profit" health insurance organization line the executives coffers with the sweat and tears of those of us in the cubes. BASTARDS everyone of them. Now if you're a follower of Gordon Geckos' "Greed is Good" philosophy you should change the channel right now friend, because I'm affraid we won't be seeing eye to eye.
Now let me digress here for a minute. I love our country, I don't believe there's a finer one on the planet, but seriously! Do we have to be a nation full of people who's every waking thought is; "how do I get ahead of the person in front of me?" Do we really have to have such a noticeable difference between those that work and those that are responsible for making sure the work gets done?
I've had some experience with this and I'll tell you this, those people who have led me and at the same time weren't affraid to get in there and get their hands dirty too are the ones that I've always respected. NOT the fat cat, lazy, sit in their office, and dictate policy executives I just got done working for.
I've spent a lifetime working for The Man and I'll tell you something I'm done. I told Lisa the other day; "I'll never work for someone ever again!" I'd rather be homeless and not a penny to my name than to go back to giving my soul to someone who's just going to use it to GET AHEAD!
All right, now see that was some good stuff. I ranted a little, got some stuff off my chest and now I feel a little less clogged up. Nothing like taking the plunger of rage and sticking it to the toilet bowl full of Corporate Amerikan CRAP!

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